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Taizhou Zhonglian Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000 and covers an area of 10000 square meters. Our location is neighboring both Shanghai and Ningbo harbor. Today we have 30 years' experience in developing plastic molds and 15 years’ production of children plastic furniture products.Now our products have been widely aspired due to the fresh designs, personalized function and ease of installation and service. Meanwhile,we keeps developing dozens of new products annually based on the feedback of customers and market research of our sales department.

We are committed to providing the solution of children plastic furniture. “ stand for customers and help customers achieve the best children plastic furniture solution” have been our commitments that drive us move forward.We pursuit more energy-saving and environmentally friendly children furniture products.

Quality is the Core of Zhonglian. Besides strict certificate requirements for our part suppliers,we have designated separate QC personnel and lab to implement strict QC procedure for raw material and outsourced parts. During the manufacturing process, we follow the ISO9001 Quality Assurance system very strictly. We have the workflow to make sure every piece will be examined and workers will check the quality from previous step, which helps to prevent QC accidents.We also have CE certificate to reach our customers’ requirement.

We like to work closely with our customers. Our enterprise spirits is “customer first, quality, honesty and trust foremost”. We insist on replying to enquiry of E-mails from customers in two hours, responding to the customers’ questions in one day and trying to meet our customers’ need 100%.We firmly believe that we will have a bright and wonderful future with all of our partners from the world.

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