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            OUR COMPANY

            Taizhou Zhonglian Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982 and covers an area of 8000 square meters. We have 200 staff members. Our location is neighboring both Shanghai and Ningbo harbor. It takes 20 minutes from Taizhou airport to our factory.

            Now we have 30 years' experience in plastic mould and plastic products. We insist that the quality is the most important thing for ourselves, customers and users. We have attained the ISO9001 and CE certification.

            Except the plastic mould production, we would like to contribute to create the plastic school furniture for children and reduce the waste. The raw materials with high tenacity meet the high demand of environment-protection....

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            WHYCHOOSE US
            ABOUT US

            Taizhou Zhonglian Plastic Mould Co.,Ltd.


            If you have any question or order products, please contact with us.

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